Meet the Reading Ladies

Welcome to the meet and greet page! ^_^ We in The Reading Salon would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you. Please allow us to introduce ourselves and get acquainted.

We are:

Hello!  My name is Brianna! I graduated from college a few months ago with a degree in Environmental Science. I am currently using my degree to its full potential by teaching English in Japan! I am an Assistant Language Teacher with the JET Program, and I now live in Southern Kyushu. This teaching experience abroad is proving to be very memorable, especially when 3rd grade students ask why my eyes are a scary blue color, or why my native state, Florida, is shaped like a boy’s private parts. Yes, very memorable, indeed. I am definitely having fun in Japan, even though I will never be able to look at Florida the same way again. In order to help me retain a little of my sanity, I read young adult books like mad, despite the fact that I am no longer a teenager. When I am not reading, I am probably working on my book, which never seems close to complete, rocking out to some alternative tunes, or mashing things up on my PS3. 

Hope you enjoy the blog and happy reading!

Hello, I am Melissa, the oldest of the reading Ladies and very happily married.  I work full time at a mail order pharmacy as a data entry technician and while not ideal it provides.  In my spare time I love to read and share my opinions about books with other readers.  I love discussion but only if you’ve read the book.  You will get no spoilers from me.  My husband often feels like he’s competing with fictional characters for my attention.  We make it work, though.  
Recently, I have been reading a lot of young adult stories but in actuality I have a diverse library at home to pick from.  My all-time favorite book is Little Women by Louisa May Alcott; I just have a connection with Jo that I will never shake.  Books are a fantastic way to escape from life and its many stressors for a little while.  It’s something that I began as a child and it hasn’t changed to date.  

I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance and look forward to our discussions in the future.

Good day to you.  My name is Victoria. What can I really say about myself?  I’ve lived in nearly every state on the East coast and love the beach the most ^_^.  Currently I’m in college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and I’m majoring in Video Game Art and Design.  I’m having huge fun and I love my classes very much when I’m not pulling my hair out from them. 

I have collected books since my early years and I still have some of my first books.  I prefer reading to the TV so it’s very often I’m found reading a book with the music playing instead of the TV.  I’ll pick up any book that catches my attention.  I truly am not finicky about the book (unless it’s horror).  Please give me a suggestion if you’d like. ^_^

It’s a great pleasure to meet you and I hope we can be friends. 

Hello, the name is Penelope, and it’s very nice to meet you.

I’m from Georgia, though I have lived in a few other places while growing up, places like Korea, Japan, and Texas.

I’m currently in Japan, participating in a program where I promote cultural exchange while teaching English to Japanese school children for a year. I bounce back and forth between five different schools, and teach what would be the equivalent of grades 1 through 9 in the states. It’s a challenging, but very rewarding, job to say the least.

When I’m not multi-tasking, or dealing with the crazy antics of my students, you can usually find me crouched behind a metaphysical book shelf, getting lost in between the pages of my favorite stories – while insanely craving a Starbucks caramel macchiato.

Reading and writing are my joys in life, so I love sharing with anyone who’s willing to listen to my many fanatical ramblings about them. Hopefully, that’ll include some of you lovely visitors in the near future.
Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to meet our little group of ladies here at the Reading Salon. Feel free to talk books with us anytime. We’re definitely waiting to hear from you soon.